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Take the guesswork out of your next event.

Corporate meals need to meet two criteria – the meal should taste great, and the meal needs to be memorable.


We excel at both.

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There are two reasons to feed a group.

One reason is to sustain morale.


We all have meetings, and sometimes those meetings happen during lunch. A meal provides a pathway to keep morale high and resentment low. These meals do not need to look impressive, but they do need to be satisfying.

For these occasions, we offer everything from boxed meals to buffet lines, and we recommend foods that are clean and easy to eat. While BBQ ribs taste amazing, ribs make it difficult to shake hands, take notes, or look professional.

The second reason to feed a group is to impress that group.


Sometimes, meetings serve to impress a client or a boss, and these events deserve extra attention. The food needs to pack a punch – you want your guests to think that you know what you’re doing.

For these meals, we recommend a buffet or seated meal. The food still needs to be relatively clean and easy to eat – dry cleaning is a pain – but the meal can be a bit more stylized and elegant.

A few questions to consider when booking.

1) When is the event scheduled?

2) Where is the meal?

3) How many attendees do you expect?

4) What type of meal would you like to serve? Is it a seated meal? A buffet? Or heavy finger food?


If you have more questions, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

You can call us at 931-308-4217, email, or fill out our ‘Contact Us’ form.


You can also take a look at our full menu if you need some inspiration for what you would like to offer your guests.

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